Tokens on Stellar

Stellar is a platform on which you can create token easily. It has quick settlements, cheap transactions and built in exchange with any other token, asset or currency in the network.

In this demo, Alice will create HUG token and send 100 HUG to Bob.

Please prepare two accounts for this demo and make sure they are funded with at least 31 XLM.

Bob Creates HUG trust

Bob create HUG trust

Open Bob's account, add the trust manually. Go to the "Trust" menu, input the asset code as "HUG" and Alice's account id as the issuer account id.

Check the trust

After you pressing the "Create trust line for HUG" button, wait for 5~10 seconds. Then go to the "Balance" menu, you should find the HUG balance is 0.

Alice sends HUG token

Alice sends HUG

Open Alice's account, go to the "Send" menu. Input Bob's account id as the recipient and 100 as the amount. Choose the HUG as the asset.

Click "Send" and wait for 5~10 seconds.

Check Bob's Balance

Now, close Alice's account and open Bob's account. You will find Bob already got 100 HUG.

You can check the screenshots below for reference.